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Alderley District Scout Band is a traditional marching and display band which was originally formed in 1963 with one bugle and drum. For years the band went from strength to strength regularly taking part in competitions under the TYMBA (Traditional Marching Band Association) and the BYBA (British Youth Band Association) rules. During this time the band won over 500 trophies including many Supreme Champions, the last one being in 1998.

In 1994 the band was invited to play at Windsor Castle in front of the Duchess of Kent, this was the second time they had been asked to play there, the first time was in front of Her Majesty the Queen in 1984. They have also appeared in the Royal Tournament and on Television, been invited to march in the London Parade, the Lordís Mayor of Manchesterís Parade and toured Holland in 1992 and Belgium in 1995.

Unfortunately after all this excitement the band started to decline and by the end of 2000 was down to under 10 members, only 3 of whom were under 25. This meant that they could no longer compete. Drastic action was needed. David Piltz (Band Master) and Simon Taylor (Deputy Band Master) set about recruiting new members and by January 2001 had 6 potential members.

The band consists of boys and girls with ages ranging from 8 to adult. Many of our members also belong to other scout groups in the area. All trainees are taught British Military style drill and marching. In the past most trainees were taught to play the bugle first and then given the opportunity to progress to other instruments which gave them a sense of achievement and made them interactive within the band. Due to the low numbers this has not been possible over the last two years - it was a case of filling each position in the band with the most suitable person.

On 12th October 2003 the band competed in the TYMBA Greater Manchester Competition, our first competition since 1999. The band won many prizes including class champions in the contest class. Photos of the band at various competitions are available on the Photos page.

Since then the band has taken part in various competitions with mixed results. In 2008 Simon Taylor took over as Bandmaster. The band was also promoted to the National Class of TYMBA. After taking part in three competitions during the year, the band won the National Finals in November at Cannock, becoming Supreme National Champions for the first time in ten years. The band continues to compete in the National Class of TYMBA. The results of the competitions can be found here.