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At Halesowen Marching Band Championships on 27th June 2010, the band competed in the National Class, against four other bands. Winning trophies for General Musical Effect, Percussion, Wind Non-Valved, Turnout and Tuned Percussion, the band came first in the class.

This was a fantastic achievement for the band, and demonstrates the hardwork they have put in over the past couple of months, especially as 25% of the band were competing in their first competition. Although members know that there is still plenty to work on, and areas in which we can and will improve, it gives the band a great start to the competing season, and we hope to continue this success throughout the rest of the year.

At the Band AGM on 12th May 2010 the annual awards were presented to:
Bugle Award - Shereena
Percussion Award - Kenneth
Ian Scott Award - Chelsie

The Finals of the Band Solo Competition were also held. All of the finalists played really well, and the results were very close, but the winners were:
Junior Bugle - Kemi
Senior Bugle - Shereena
Percussion - Kenneth

The Attendance Award was awarded to Shereena, who had attended 100% of practices and events in the last 12 months, with second place awarded to Rebecca who had only missed one.

The awards were presented by Stephen Buckley, the new District Commissioner for Alderley District.

The heats for the band solo competition were held on 5th May 2010. After a very close competition where all members played well, the top two in each category went through to the final which will be held at the band AGM on 12th May.
The finalists are:
Junior Bugle - Eloise and Kemi
Senior Bugle - Oliver and Shereena
Percussion - Kenneth and Charlotte (both on the snare drum)

On Sunday 21st March, 5 band members travelled down to Wednesbury to enter in the TYMBA Solos Competition. We had 3 buglers, 1 drummer and 1 member on tuned percussion taking part, and one of our buglers had also entered in to the Upper Brass category, playing his trumpet. Of the six enteries we achieved 3 firsts - Rebecca in Intermediate Tuned Percussion, Shereena in Intermediate Bugle, and Thomas in Foundation Upper Brass; 1 third, and two fourths. This was a fantastic result in a competition where members come from all over the country. Full results can be found on our results page.

2010's diary dates have now been issued, please see the diary page for details. Diary